Frequently Asked Questions

Only if you need a land line or a physical phone. Otherwise, we have numerous gateways to the internet so you'll be able to meet your internet needs through our service.

The short answer: We currently have a total download bandwidth of 200 mb/sec. We will continue to increase this as our user group increases.

The long answer: Stability and latency are far more important to the user experience than raw download bandwidth. In fact, most people rarely need large amounts of raw bandwidth, and more often have problems with upload speed vs download speed, and inconsistent latency.

Download speed is how fast the internet can send you data (i.e, loading a website or watching youtube). Upload is how fast you send data to the internet (posting photos, updating your cloud). VOIP and phone calls actually take very little overall bandwidth (0.25 mb/sec), but require a stable and consistent connection, including upload. On a standard "fast" DSL line, if you are making a phone call and syncing your pictures to the cloud, there's a high probability your call will drop. Not with us, though!

To put bandwidth in perspective, an HD stream of Netflix takes about 3.5 mb/sec of download bandwidth, and a youtube high definition video takes about 2 mb/sec. We understand this and build our network around these principles. While its important to understand how much bandwidth is actually used, we have plenty to go around for all purposes anyway.

Does that mean it will slow down as more people subscribe to your service, as it happened with Telmex?

No! As we add customers we also add additional capacity to our overall internet speed, to accommodate the demand. The monthly rate is not a dedicated line, however, so if everyone tries to download large files at the same time you may see under your intended speed. We have a number of ways to mitigate the impact to our customers, but the condition can exist where you may not see your purchased maximum in all conditions.

Yes! We don't put a total monthly limitation on your upload/ download amounts or speed. We do employ a variety of networking techiques to ensure everyone has equal access to the speed, so when we hit the maximum our tech kicks in and balances the tables as needed.

Yes, you may disconnect whenever you'd like, but please note that there is a $500 peso disconnection fee each time you want to disconnect. There is no reconnection fee when you're ready to start back up, though.

We are completely independent from the Telmex/Infinitum service that exists in Yelapa. Our Internet provider rarely goes down, but we have taken a number of steps to ensure we have the best possible uptime.

Yes, we use a very high level of encryption to ensure your data is protected. There is not just one layer of security, but 3 overall on just the Wifi broadcast alone.

In addition to internal security, we secure access to the network from the outside as well. In a standard ISP model your router directly connects to the internet, creating a scenario easier to compromise a computer. Our network employs advanced firewalls to help protect from external attacks while letting your legitimate activities get through without an issue.

Yes! Please see our Monthly Plans for options.

First we use advanced wireless technology to connect from your location to one of our towers. Once connected, our technicians will bring over your hardware (antenna & small wifi broadcaster), and install it at your location. That's it!

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